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It is very useful to consider several aspects related to both the value and image of the property, as well as the ways of promotion you follow. .

Here are some tips to keep in mind for a successful sale:

1. Ask for the right price
Determine the real value of your apartment or house. For this, you can use the services of a real estate appraiser.

Setting the right price is an essential element for selling an apartment . Even if you want to get more money from this process, potential buyers are always looking for the most convenient transaction, the best price.
If you overestimate your property, you will be able to sell harder. An apartment for sale that remains on offer for a long time, unsold, can have a negative impact on potential buyers.

2. The first impression matters!
Keep the apartment clean. Gather the things you don’t need and keep them nicely packaged in one place. Leave the walls painted in neutral colors, as the flashy colors could drive away buyers.
The kitchen and the bathroom are very important rooms, to which the buyers pay the most attention. Make sure they are clean and well lit.

3. Be proud of your apartment / house
In order to convince a potential buyer that the apartment or house for sale that you offer is worth the investment, you must be proud of the place where you lived. Highlight the qualities of the building or the area in which it is located, and if there are problems, offer solutions to buyers. Never apologize, this can negatively influence the decision to buy.

4. Collaborate effectively with your real estate agent
It is not advisable to intervene or act against them, because you can help increase the time of sale of your apartment .

5. Advertise your property
Find out if the agency you will work with has a clear plan for advertising your property. Display y

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Seller tips do not prevent your home from selling

It would be advisable to use at least one lawyer, an accountant, an appraiser, an investment consultant or a business sales consultant to make sure you get the price you want and things will go the way you want.

In general, businesses are sold turnkey, with assets and liabilities, with real estate and loans in progress. The value of a business under normal conditions is much higher than if you sold the business assets separately. In general, the value of a business is given by the profitability and size of the activity; of medium and long term prospects to obtain an appreciable profit.

Before moving on to the actual sale of the business, it would be advisable to have a sales strategy. It is advisable to draw up at least one action plan, to prepare in advance the steps necessary to capitalize on the business. Ideally, you should plan at least 1 year before the time of sale.

Tips for selling the company – business:
• Try to have a constant increase in turnover and profit.
• Accounting or other fireworks that reduce the taxable profit are not indicated. It is much better to pay a higher tax than to have a lower profit.
• Give up investments to increase profitability.
• Restructure the business in case you have more activities. Clarify the real estate situation if you have an unclear situation or use real estate registered on the individual.
• Try to get involved as little as possible in running the business. Potential buyers could be bothered if you get too involved in business management – if the company depends solely on your relationships and knowledge. At best, they may ask you to remain actively involved in the company.
• Hire a high-performance management team.
• Make sure that the accounting records are kept up to date and correct.
• Make sure you meet all legal requirements regarding employees, medical visas, labor protection, licenses and authorizations, etc.
• Try to conclude long-term commercial contracts
• Try to increase the number of customers.
• Register your intellectual property rights.

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